Learn How To Get More Consulting Clients Through Your Website

Everything you need to know about planning, building, and perfecting a magnetic consulting website.

Why Work With Me?

Who I am, what I do, and why that matters for you — the independent consultant or small firm owner.

User Experience Obsessed

Because a customer-centric design matters to your success, I'm obsessed with finding out everything there is to know about your service and properly communicating it's benefits to your visitors in the most user-friendly way possible.

Content Marketing for Consultants

Content marketing is marketing where you create helpful material for your prospects. This material helps your prospects get to know you, trust you, and like you.Running a podcast is a form of content marketing. Posting videos to YouTube is a form of content marketing. Publishing articles through your website is a form of content marketing.

Efficient, Fast, & Highly Proficient

Consulting lead generation isn’t easy, especially when done online. Only a few years ago, your prospects didn’t care about your website. Now, B2B decision makers are actively looking for consultants online, and your digital presence can be a huge part of how you generate new conversations with buyers.

Design Isn't Magic

Design isn’t magic. Designers are problem solvers who solve problems under certain constraints. Don’t confuse designers with “artists” or “creatives”. A professional designer can take your problem and solve it — and can make your brand and your business look more approachable and professional while doing it.

Commited to Your Success & Growth

I believe that the best way to grow my business is to focus on growing your businesses and that means that a win is everything and I define a win as being an activity that measurably grows your business.

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“Many consultants have a website, but it’s not helping them reach and enroll clients. Linda’s content provides a great start for any consultant looking to turn their website from an online brochure into a business development and lead generation machine. Highly recommended for any consultant looking convert website traffic into leads for potential clients.”

-Claire Davis, Consultant